Automated Environmental Control Systems In Composting And Mushroom Growing

AKS Controller for Phase III Spawning Tunnels and Rooms

AKS controller is used for phase III spawning tunnels and rooms.

It measures air and compost temperature, CO2 concentration in air. The technological parameters is controlled by chilled water coil, inlet fan and fresh air. The process can run in both manual and automatic modes.

AKS controls the entire process, from the moment of loading with new compost till the time of emptying.

The controller can be connected to PC via RS485 communication interface. TechnologSoft Mushroom Edition Software enables to control environmental parameters and react all alarm situations from your PC. The remote control of AKS is also possible through Internet and TeamViewer Software.


  • Compost temperature measurement in four points
  • Calculation of average compost temperature by four temperature probes
  • Air temperature measurement after inlet fan and tunnel (inlet air and air in the room)
  • Control of CO2 concentration in the air
  • Control of set parameters in manual or automatic mode
  • Setting parameters, modes, ranges of control for actuators
  • Setting chilled water coil mode (manual or automatic)
  • Setting inlet fan mode (manual or automatic)
  • Setting air dampers mode (manual or automatic)
  • Diagnostics of sensors and actuators
  • Alarm signals on sensor’s failure and temperature limits
  • Data transfer to PC via RS485 communication interface
  • Saving the settings and control parameters in non-volatile memory
  • Remote PC control of the whole spawning process through Technologsoft PC Software

Basic Specifications

Temperature Range 0 to 100°С
Temperature Accuracy 0.1°C
Interface Type RS485
Supply Voltage 220 VAC±10%
Power Consumption max 18 W
Protection Class IP 54
Panel Board Dimensions (HxWxD) 500x420х130 mm


AKS controller consists of the master controller on the DIN rail mounted inside of the plastic panel board and operator panel with TFT display on the front panel.

 It also includes two 24VDC power supply units for actuators, 12 VDC power supply unit for RH probe fan, surge protector, key switch lock and external switches for setting operating modes and alarm lamps. The controller has a significant reserve of inputs and outputs. It is also possible to commutate other nonstandard input and output types.

AKS Controller can be supplied with TechnologSoft software for PC remote control. It all allows to choose individual configuration for customized applications and customer wishes.

Environmental Control in a Spawning Room

Environmental Control in a Spawning Tunnel


1...6 - Compost temperature probes
7 - Air temperature probe in a spawning tunnel (room)
8 - Air temperature probe after inlet fan (inlet air)
9 - CO2 concentration probe
10 - Outside air damper (0-10 V)
11 - Circulation air damper (0-10 V)

12 - Cold water coil
13 - Inlet fan
14 - Inlet fan VFD (0-10 V)

15 - Exhaust fan
16 - Pressure damper

17 - AKS Controller



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