Automated Environmental Control Systems In Composting And Mushroom Growing

RT4-02F Controller for Phase I Composting in Open Bunkers


RT4-02F controller is used for phase I composting in open or half-open bunkers with roof. In automatic mode the controller calculates average compost temperature by three points and compares it with a set-point. By the difference between a current average and set temperature, as well as depending on ambient temperature, the controller generates an output signal to control the fan. The controller also has a built-in timer for setting a period and time of the fan activation in manual control mode.

RT4-02F can be connected to PC via RS485 communication interface. TechnologSoft Musroom Edition software enables control of environmental parameters and displays all alarm situations on your PC. 


  • Inlet air  temperature measurement
  • Compost temperature measurement  in three points
  • Calculation of average compost temperature by three temperature probes
  • Automatic control of fan actuation time within the set limits (fan works ON/OFF only, no VFD control)
  • Setting fan mode (manual or automatic) 
  • Nonvolatile time relay
  • 24-hours archive of main parameters with 30 min interval
  • Alarm signaling of probe failure and temperature deviation
  • Data transfer to PC via RS485 communication interface
  • Remote PC control

Basic Specifications

Temperature Range 0 to 100°С
Temperature Accuracy 0.2°C
Power Consumption max 3 W
Supply Voltage 90 to 242 VAC
Protection Class IP54
Panel Board Dimensions (HxWxD) 96х96х70 mm
Weight max 0.6 kg


Environmental Control in Open Bunker

1...3 - Compost temperature probes
4 - Inlet air temperature probe

5 - Fan

6 - Block of fan protective automatics
7 - RT4-02F Controller


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