Automated Environmental Control Systems In Composting And Mushroom Growing

CO2 Portable Meter

ITP-4 & ITP-7


ITP-4 and ITP-7 CO2 portable meters are designed for periodical measurement and monitoring of CO2 concentration in the air of a growing room.

Simple, user friendly design with TFT color display allows you to easily monitor changes in CO2 level up to 5000 ppm.  ITP-4 and ITP-7 comes complete with a charger.

ITP-7 has a small built-in air pump that allows to provide quick measurements.


  • CO2 concentration measurement 
  • Automatic calibration with fresh air 
  • Indicating the battery charge

CO2 Portable Calibrator


CO2 Portable Calibrator is designed to calibrate transducers of CO2 concentration, that is also used in CO2 panel boards. 

The CO2 probe connects to the calibrator and taken out outside to fresh air to calibrate it. It's better to do that nor in a city or near some agricultural complex, because the CO2 concentration in fresh air is mostly higher than 450 ppm. This value is ideal to calibrate the probe and used as a standard.


  • Calibration of CO2 probes by fresh air
  • Indication of current and transmitted CO2 concentration values of probes
  • Battery Charge Indicator

Basic Specifications 

CO2 Range 0 to 5000 ppm
CO2 Accuracy ±85 ppm
Resolution 1 ppm
Response Time for ITP-4 5 min
Response Time for ITP-7  1 min (using built-in pump)
Rechargeable Battery Supply Voltage 3.6 VDC
Calibration Time Period  12 months
Enclosure Materia ABS plastic
Protection Class  IP 20 
Dimensions (HxWxD) 179х77х35 mm 


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