Automated Environmental Control Systems In Composting And Mushroom Growing

Temperature / RH Data Loggers


DLT-01 (02) Series Data Loggers  are miniature electronic devices that measure and store temperature and humidity readings.

DLT-01 Temperature Data Logger and DLT-02 Temperature & Humidity Data Logger are used for monitoring temperature and humidity while mushrooms are being transported and stored. DLT-01 and DLT-02 loggers with external probes are used for monitoring temperature during compost transportation.

The user can easily set up the data logger and download the stored data by plugging the unit into computer’s USB port and running the easy-to-use LoggerSoft Software. The data stored in the logger’s memory are transferred to a computer in CSV or PDF formats. The unit is powered by long-life lithium battery.


  • Air/compost/substrate temperature and air relative humidity measurement
  • Data logging in a user-defined mode
  • Alarm logging
  • Data logger plugs directly into computer’s USB for easy setup and data download 
  • Compatible with standard Windows applications
  • Replaceable lithium battery
  • Red and green LEDs for displaying modes and alarms
  • Flexible user configuration mode using special Loggersoft Software
  • Downloading data reports with graph in PDF or CSV formats without pre-installed software

Basic Specifications

Temperature Measurement Range by External Probe -50 to 100°С
Temperature Measurement Range by Inner Sensor -20 to 60°С
Temperature Accuracy  0.5 °С (inner sensor)
± (0.3+0.002It*I) °С (external probe)
Temperature Resolution  0.1°С
Relative Humidity Range 0 to 100% RH
Humidity Accuracy 3% RH
Humidity Resolution 1% RH
Logging Interval from 60 sec to 1 hour
Battery Type СR2032, 3V
Battery Life 1 year (at 25°С and 1 min logging interval) 
Memory (readings) 48000 (Temp), 32000 (Temp & Rh)

* - t - measuring temperature


Data Logger's Design

Data logger is made ​​from a shockproof polycarbonate case with a standard USB connector, two LEDs and a control button. 

Data logger has two LEDs which define the following:

  • Alarm status during logging
  • Data logger status (logging process/logger waiting to start/logging stopped)
  • Low battery charge
  • Data transfer to PC

LED indication is activated by pressing the button. Single button push shows alarm status during logging. Double button push shows current data logger status and if necessary low battery charge.


Connection to PC

Data logger can be connected to PC as a USB flash drive or as a USB device.

When connecting a data logger to PC as a USB flash drive, user downloads a text file with log data in CSV format (can be editied in Excel) or a report a in PDF format (Acrobat Reader).

When connecting a data logger to PC as a USB device, user needs to use LoggerSoft Software for configiring a data logger and working wth reports and graphs.



  • DLT-01 Air Temperature Data Logger 
  • DLT-01 Air Temperature Data Logger + 1 input for Compost Temperature Probe (external)
  • DLT-02 Air Temperature / RH Data Logger 



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