Automated Environmental Control Systems In Composting And Mushroom Growing

Our Friends

Nina Bis'ko
Doctor of Biological Sciences
Alexander Tsarev
Leading Russian grower, specialist in building mushroom growing and compost preparation farms (Phases I, II, III)
Viktor Yakushenko
Leading Russian grower, specialist in building oyster mushroom growing farms
Anatoliy Timofeev
Director of UkrMitsely company, specialist in design and construction of composting yards
Vladimir Zhitarchuk
Head of the Department of Veza company, air conditioning and ventilation production
Sergey Popelyukh
Director of the scientific-industrial complex EKO-GRIB
Mikogen Ukraine Company
The Polish-Ukrainian company. The largest manufacturer of phase II and phase III compost in Ukraine. Provides with training classes for growers willing to buy and use their compost for button growing.