Automated Environmental Control Systems In Composting And Mushroom Growing

Power Supply Panel Boards



Power supply panel boards are designed for control of various environmental equipment used in mushroom growing process, like air handling units, fans, steam generators, water pumps, electrical heaters, chillers, etc. The panel boards convert low-power control signals of digital controllers into control signals for powerful electrical devices, provide isolation and EMF protection for  signal and power supply lines.

Industrial panel boards are made in sealed metal or plastic housings with control and indication elements. Power elements (triacs, solid-state relays, contactors, starters, circuit breakers, frequency converters, automatic switches) are selected on the base of customer’s requirements and are confirmed with a customer.

Our company performs panel board design and manufacturing, provides all the necessary technical documentation (circuit diagrams, external connection diagrams, cables’ lists, material specifications, passports, manuals), installation, as well as consultations and instructions for operational staff.

Possible Functions

  • Control of environmental equipment: air handling units, steam generators, air dampers, fans, water pumps, electrical heaters,  etc.
  • Power supply and decoupling  
  • Overcurrent and thermal protection of electric motors
  • Short circuit and EMF protection
  • Automatic backup power supply 
  • Switching operating modes by external buttons or switches
  • Panel board service life: min 8 years
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