Automated Environmental Control Systems In Composting And Mushroom Growing

DVT-07c Aspiration psychrometers




DVT-07c aspiration psychrometer is used for the accurate measurement of relative humidity and air temperature. It works as a traditional psychometer with wet and dry probes with additional small fan that blows the air with a speed of 1,5 m/s through probes.

The design of DVT-07c allows to disassemble it very quickly. You can easily remove the water tank, replace water in it, change the lace or remove the probes together with connection box. Power supply and signal connection is made by one cable (7x0,50) through cable gland on  connection box.

DVT-07c can withstand surrounding temperature up to 75°C and water condensate on its surface.

If the growing room is heated above 75°C during steaming (disinfection), it’s recommended to remove DVT-07c out from the room.


Basic Specifications

Relative Humidity Range 70 to 100% RH
Relative Humidity Accuracy 1% RH
Temperature Range 0 to 75°С
Temperature Accuracy 0.1°C
Fan Speed 1.5 m/sec
Response Time 1 min
Sensor Type 2хPt1000 (2xPt100, 2x10kNTC - optional for Fancom Computers)
Fan Power Supply 12VDC ±5%

Extension cables are sold separately. We use German polyurethane heavy duty extension cable 7x0,50 sq. mm.

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