Automated Environmental Control Systems In Composting And Mushroom Growing

Air Temperature Probes

TSP 2-10d & TSP 2-10g



TSP 2-10d and TSP 2-10g probes are used for the accurate measurement of air temperature in air ducts, after inlet fan and growing rooms. As option the probes can be supplied with Pt100, 10K NTC and etc. calibrations according to sensor type used by mushroom growing computers of other famous brands. The probes have got a plastic connection box for proper mounting of extension cable.

Basic Specifications

Temperature Range -40 to 85°С
Temperature Accuracy (acc. to IEC)*,°C ±(0.15+0.002|t|) for Class A
Wire Connection 2 wire (3 or 4 wires, built-in RS485 - optional)
Signal Type Pt1000 (Pt100, 10kNTC - Fancom)
Connection Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 64х40х30 mm

Air Temperature Probe Models

TSP 2-10g 
Air temperature measurement in a growing room
TSP 2-10d  
Air temperature measurement in a duct
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