Automated Environmental Control Systems In Composting And Mushroom Growing


1. Engineering inspection of the object

Engineering inspection is conducted at a time when the buildings and premises are built, the parties entered into agreements for supply of boiler, chiller, ventilation system but all this equipment is not yet installed.

The object is inspected by an automation engineer.

During the inspection the engineer agrees with the customer the list of the necessary automation, determines the placement of pipes for supplying hot and cold water, cable trays, cabinets and panel boards. According to the results of engineering inspection the engineer provides recommendations for the organization of power supply, grounding and lightning protection of the mushroom farm.


2. Development of design documentation for control equipment

All products manufactured by our enterprise are supplied complete with instruction manual and technical passport which provide connection diagrams for each specific product.

To ensure that all products included in the system are properly installed and connected to each other and guarantee the implementation of technological requirements, we develop design documentation for our equipment. Documentation is developed according to the technical project of the technologist.

Design documentation for control equipment includes:

  • circuit diagram for each complex of automatics (Phase I, II, III, Growing)
  • cable log

After commissioning of the equipment, these documents are the main documents used during continued maintenance and repair.

If the customer does not pay the development of design documentation, our company takes no warranty for the functioning of the system in its entirety.


3. Installation and supervision of automatics on the growing farm

Installation of automatics includes:

  • mounting cable trays,
  • hanging cable routes,
  • mounting power supply panel boards,
  • cable testing and connection in accordance with the scheme.

Installation of automation can be performed by employees of our company and employees of the customer or a third-party installer. However, an independent study of the design documentation can take a long time and, in addition, you need to have the appropriate specialist skills. Therefore, we recommend the services of supervision: employees of the customer or a third-party installer perform the installation under the guidance of an experienced engineer of our company.

Attention! Before starting the installation, be sure to verify compliance with the requirements for the organization of power, grounding and lightning protection. Until these requirements are met, installation is not performed.


4. Commissioning works

Commissioning works include consistent voltage supply for all technological devices and engines. At the same time, these devices and engines are checked for proper functioning and matching their characteristics to nominal ones.

Commissioning also includes configuration of VFDs, checking and adjustment of valves and dampers. The parameters of input and output signals of controllers are optimized in accordance with the mounted climatic equipment.

At the end of commissioning various emergency situations are simulated and thus the system is verified in emergency conditions.


5. Metrology

After completing installation and commissioning the specialist inputs adjustments for each temperature probe. After all these activities temperature measurement accuracy should be not more than 0.1 degrees Celsius.


6. Installing the software on the client’s PC, data storage and transfer

TechnologSoft Mushroom Edition is supplied on disk and can be installed and configured by any qualified system administrator. To do this, he must learn the enclosed instructions manual.

Installing the software on the client’s PC by a representative of our company accelerates this process, as our engineers do it regularly.


7. Setup of operating modes

The purpose of automated environmental control systems in mushroom production is the automatic creation and maintenance of the required climate parameters.

Controllers of automated climate systems contain numerous regulators which must be customized for specific technological capacities.

Physical parameters (heat capacity, inertia, etc.) of bunkers, tunnels, growing rooms depends on their compost loading. Therefore, each regulator is set up during the first loading by a skilled specialist. So, technological climate parameters in the setup process are not violated.

As mushroom growing rooms are inertial, the setup of each regulator in each mode typically takes from a few hours to three days. At different cultivation phases regulators should work in different modes, so the setup of regulators is completed only when the harvesting phase begins.

During the calendar year a growing room operates in various modes, which are set up as new climatic conditions emerge. Therefore, the setup of operating modes can be considered completed only a year after the operation of the equipment begins.

The main regulators are set up on the mushroom farm for the first time. The specialist of our company is present when the room is loaded with the compost, he sets up and launches the room. All other settings are made remotely via the Internet. This, in turn, will help to get a good crop of mushrooms right away at the first compost loading.


8. Commissioning of the equipment

Commissioning of the equipment is the verification procedure for proper functioning and efficiency of the supplied equipment, compliance of measurement accuracy and control to the process requirements.

Such verification is carried out by the representatives of the supplier company and the client company. Based on the results of checking, they draw up an act of commissioning of the equipment.


9. Staff training to work with the equipment

Staff training to work with the equipment is provided by our specialists at all stages of the work.

During installation and commissioning, the participation of the engineer who will be responsible for this equipment on the farm is mandatory. He should study the operation of the equipment, wiring, numbering of cable routes and contacts. It will help him to troubleshoot problems quickly and efficiently.

Operators and technologists are trained mostly before the first loading. They must also understand how the equipment operates, but their responsibilities are mainly related to the management of the system. Therefore, operators and technologists learn to correctly understand and set the operating modes of the system, depending on the external climatic factors and the current cultivation phase. For this reason, they study the controller’s design, the structure of the display, control and settings graphic windows.

After loading the growing room operators and technologists work independently but under the remote control of our specialists.


10. Staff training to work with the software

TechnologSoft Mushroom Edition has a very simple, flexible and user-friendly interface. The program starts and runs automatically.

Usually after the first training all operators and technologists begin to work with the program themselves. 


11. Technical support and consultation

We provide paid technical support and consulting for over 18 months since the start of mushroom production. As a rule, our specialists consult by phone or Skype. If necessary, they visit a customer.

Usually within 18 months production is fully adjusted and almost no questions remain.

After 18 months, we provide free consulting by phone and Skype, if it is required by our customers.


12. Technological support and consultation

Technological support is provided by a technologist-consultant who designed the mushroom growing farm.

Technological consultations may include any aspect of the business - productivity, the quality of mushrooms, methods for performing technological operations.

As a general rule, until the company begins to work stably all the time, technologist-consultant is constantly in contact with the manager of the business and technologist of mushroom production. These consultations give practical training to the technologists of mushroom farm.