Automated Environmental Control Systems In Composting And Mushroom Growing

TechnologSoft Mushroom Edition


Maximum number of connected controllers per one line - 6 pcs. Only TERA’s controllers with RS-485 output can be connected to the network. Maximum cable length is 500 m. Wire type: shielded twisted pair 2x2x0.5. PC connection via BP5  Converter.


TechnologSoft Mushroom Edition

TechnologSoft Mushroom Edition is a SCADA PC software that was specially designed to help growers get full control of growing and composting processes on the mushroom farms. Growers can run the process on all phases in automatic and manual modes, control the work of environmental equipment, monitor sensors readings, get access to online and historical data archives from data-base view the work and efficience of equipment on a mnemonic diagram, get data visualization and etc.

Software allows a user to monitor and control devices in remote locations in real time mode, view historical data and generate graphs, tables, reports for a selected period of time.

Device communication with TechnologSoft can be both wired (Ethernet and RS-485) and wireless (ZigBee, WiFi, GSM, etc.). It helps controlling devices located at a considerable distance from dispatch centers. 

There are two types of archive in TechnologSoft: software and hardware.

The software archive is formed by continuous communication with devices and storing the current values in the archive database. The software archive is completely dependent on the stable communication link with the devices.

The hardware archive is stored in the built-in nonvolatile device’s memory. It is a more reliable way to archive as the data keeps on storing untill the device is turned on. The hardware archive should be downloaded from time to time and saved in the PC archive database. It can be done on-demand or on schedule.

TechnologSoft provides customers a flexible authorization and authentication system. Users are divided into groups with different rights: Administrators, Technologists and Operators. The number of groups and users is unlimited.

The software is compatible with OS Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10.


  • Real time data in table, on graph, mnemonic or in control window
  • Remote control of device settings using  the control window
  • Editing control group properties: window sizes, colors, fonts
  • Automatic or specific graph scaling + automatic saving of scaling for each control group
  • Editing graph properties: names and amount of axes, colors, line thickness, markers, offset speed of time axis
  • Quick enable/disable graph channels
  • Working with data from hardware archive 
  • Working with data from software archive
  • Daily reporting by selected parameters of control group
  • Printing graphs, tables, reports on-demand
  • Exporting data to CSV file (text file with delimiters) for MSExcel on-demand or on a schedule
  • Reviewing the user’s event log 
  • Alarm signaling: alarm acknowledgement dialog, sound alarm, flashing red frame of acknowledgement dialog window
  • Reviewing the alarm log
  • Loss of communication control system
  • Reviewing the loss of communication log
  • SMS-alarming to users mobile phones (GSM modem required)
  • Sending SMS with critical parameter on a schedule
  • Schedule tasks (automatic report printing, hardware archive reading, data exporting, SMS mailing)
  • ОРС-client (Data Access 1, Data Access 2, Data Access 3)

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